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Fest Intentions Drink and Drugs Advice

The use and misuse of alcohol and drugs, whether legal or illegal, is still one of the most controversial issues in our society. Often it’s use can give way to a source of conflict between generations and sections of society.

Attending festivals and events is likely to expose you to a high possibility of being around drugs and drinking, sometimes to excess, and whilst it is not the job of Fest Intentions to tell music fans how to behave, or seek to label them as alcohol or drug abusers, we feel a moral obligation to give some advice, and to point you in the direction of organisations who can help should you feel you need somewhere to turn.

This fits in with our number one aim, which is to ensure that you enjoy your chosen festival, and to get you there safely and securely.  Alcohol and recreation drugs can be powerful substances with a huge potential to harm users to the point where some users can be hospitalised or worse still, lead to death. That is why over the last 10-15 years there have been online services such as Drink Aware, Talk to Frank and the lastest service ‘The Loop’ who test voluntarily surrendered drugs at festivals.

Whatever you choose to do at festivals and events, it is important to remember to take care of yourself when considering what substances you choose to take, and to avoid taking any risks which you might regret later.

No universal classification of what constitutes unhealthy use exists at the moment. Many of the current classifications ignore the fact that alcohol and drug use is an accepted part of many social activities, including attending large-scale events and festivals, and whilst some people who have tried certain substances before, what is seen as risky behaviour by one group is accepted as normal by another.

Use of substances has can be classified as:

Abstinent – No use is made.

Controlled – People have made a conscious decision, have evaluated the risks and can stop if they want.

Impulsive – Use is unpredictable and can lead to unexpected accidents and harm. However there is not continual use or dependency.

Habitual – The use of alcohol or drugs have become a significant and important part of the person’s life-style. Stopping would not be easy.

Dependent – There is a high degree of physical and psychological addiction. Alcohol and drug use disrupts or rules the person’s life. Stopping is not possible without considerable support.

We have provided some of the main links for professional sources of advice we feel you may need when attending festivals. In time we will also have trained professionals on our live chat faciltiies who will be on hand to help with any advice you may need.

The Fest Intentions team go above and beyond in helping you to have the best possible festival experience.  All of our products, services and advice guidelines are always fully inclusive and as comprehensive as possible but we always keep your health and welfare as our main priority.

Here are some guidelines on consumption and advice if you or a friend accidentally overdoes it.

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