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Welcome to the Fest Intentions SOS Centre.

We are here to support you through every step of your festival experience, and that includes all those questions you may have, especially if you are new to attending festivals and larger events.

In this section you will find all of the main topics and answers to questions which we think you are most likely to have. From your initial booking right through to your travel journey and online bookings.

This site is constantly evolving and being added to, so make sure you bookmark it so you can find it for quick reference. We also have the Update Centre at the bottom to help you with the latest updates on festivals.

We provide support ticket options and contact details should you still have any questions, our SOS team are on hand to help you further.

The majority of solutions; to most of your questions

We’ve broken down all the information to what we think will be most of your questions relating to festivals and events, and our range of products and services; along with those common FAQ’s that people sometimes ask, as well as solutions to problems you might face whilst attending your favourite events and festivals. We don’t always get things 100% perfect, so if there is something you think we have missed, simply contact a member of our Support Team, and we can add it to the SOS Centre, so others will benefit from your experiences.  We might even throw in a little thank you for helping us grow this section of the site. Still need help? Simply contact a member of our Support Team during our operational hours.


Getting the right festival

Searching for events

Browsing the Fest Intentions site will enable you to discover your favourite festivals, as well as the ability to discover new and exciting events you never knew existed.  The number of festivals which are around now, compared to ten years ago, has grown massively, and our online tools allow you to search and navigate through them all, so you can find the right festival for your music tastes.   We group festivals by a range of different criteria, enabling you to filter by your likes and dislikes, with results which are best suited to you.  You can search festivals by size, music style, location and much more; simply visit our A-Z listing page, where you can search through all the festivals.

Event Types

We filter events by festivals, music events, resort weekenders, LGBTQ events, and indoor club events.  Using these filters allows you to pick which events are most of interest to you.  For the purposes of filtering, all music festivals are non-LGBTQ specific events of differing sizes.  You can sub filter festivals and events by size, allowing you to narrow down the choice, ensuring the results are festivals and events best suited to you.

Resort weekenders, can be one day or multiple day events which are specifically held at resorts like Butlins and Pontins resorts. LGBTQ specific events are growing year on year, and we have all the LGBTQ events listed on our site, simply filter events by event type, and they will appear with all the necessary information.

Indoor club events are the main large-scale events held across the UK which are held at specific times of the year; normally around Easter, Bank Holidays, Summer, Christmas and New Year.  These events are included as an event type, as we offer packages to all the main large-scale events held nationally each year.

Family-friendly events are one type of festival which are becoming more popular, with fun-packed activities for the children and quality music for the big kids.

Event Size

We split our listed festivals and events in to five distinct categories, which include:

– introducing / nightclub

– small

– medium

– large

– major

Date bookings

For a lot of people their jobs dictate when they can take annual leave. This can prove challenging when you are trying to book certain festivals and attend your favourite events with friends.   With our online date range picker, you can pick what dates you are free, and our system will then filter the events which fit into your chosen time frame, making it easier to work out which events you and your mates can attend.

Music Genre

We all have a preferred music style, and although some festivals cater for a wide range of music genres, there are some where there is a dominate music style, or some which are even genre specific.  With the ever-growing list of festivals and events you can attend each year, trust Fest Intentions to help you navigate through the minefield of events with their changing music genres.   From Rock and alternative through to EDM, house through to drum & bass; use our online tools to narrow down the choice, and if you are still stuck simply contact a member of our Support Team, who will be able to help you further.

Age restrictions

There are festivals suitable for every age range – if you’re looking for your first festival, or you need advice on what festivals are suitable for different age ranges, contact a member of our Support Team who will be able to advise you further.   Some festivals will have a minimum age policy to attend the event. Please check our festival pages and look for the age stamp on each page for a quick guide to the minimum age for admission before you book.  Unfortunately, we cannot offer you a refund if you are not old enough to attend the event.

Festival locations

Our online tools currently give music fans the ability to search for festival based on which part of the country you are in, these also include festivals regionally.  Go to our A-Z Listing page and try out our filters, so you can discover the best festivals close to you.  That is if location is the most important criteria for you when booking.

LGBTQ festivals

One of the first LGBTQ festivals was the ‘Christopher Street Liberation Day’, held in the U.S on June 28th 1970. It marked the first anniversary of the Stonewall riots with an assembly on Christopher Street, and the first Gay Pride march in U.S history, covering the 51 blocks through to Central Park.

LGBTQ events have evolved and transformed massively since 1970; so much so that there is some sort of LGBTQ type event held in every major UK town and city over the summer. They were first setup to battle inequality within the LBGTQ communities, and even though some might argue they have achieved what they set out to accomplish, they are still a big part of communities up and down the country.

The largest, and arguably the best, are held in London, Brighton, Manchester and Birmingham. The national LGBTQ radio station Gaydio supports our LGBTQ Guide section of the site where you can view all your pride events into one section.  We also team up with other selected LGBTQ brands, to get you to some of the best new and upcoming events held out of season, as well as in the summer.

Ticket price bands

With so many festivals across the UK, naturally there are lots of different priced tickets, which are also influenced by when you purchase them.   Our filters allow you to single out events which are outside of your budget, meaning you know you are only looking at the events you know you and your mates can afford.   We are fully aware that prices can change, that’s why we have our team on hand to give you support and advice, should you get confused on how much tickets are likely to be for your group.


If the type of attractions you are likely to find at an event is important to you, then we have a special filter which allows you to narrow down festivals by attraction types.   Love fairground rides, or fancy throwing shapes around the silent disco tent?  Simply select which attractions matter the most to you, and they will come up in your search results.


Although there are a lot of one-day festivals out there, a lot of festivals are two days or more, and where you choose to stay overnight is important, and all part of the festival experience.   That’s why we’ve enabled the ability to search for festival by accommodation type.  From onsite camping through to overnight stays in hotels, use the tools to get the best accommodation type which fits you and your mates.


Everyone has a favourite DJ or artist, and it’s likely you want to know whether that artist is going to be playing at the festival you are looking to attend.  As well as checking the line-ups on each festival page to see if that DJ is attending, you can filter festivals by whether the main headliners are going to be playing.

Further help from our team

One of the unique things about using Fest Intentions is that we can tailor your package to suit your needs, plus we want to make sure you get the most out your time away, so please contact a member of our Support Team if you have any questions, special requests, or just need some advice.


Placing an order

A unique experience

Stuck on present ideas? Got a mate with a special birthday coming up? Maybe someone you know has graduated, or you just want to get something amazing for that special occasion.  Whatever your reason, buying a package for a mate to their favourite festival, or an event you think they will love, is the ultimate and most unique way of impressing them, and one which they should remember for years to come!   Why not look into getting one of our group packages? Simply browse through the festivals listed on our website, using the handy tools to narrow down your choices.  Can’t find what you are looking for?  Contact a member of our Support Team who are on-hand to help you through the process, that way we can do our best to ensure you get that unforgettable experience.

Obscure requests

Are you looking to book for a large group?   Our team are here to help you with regular requests right through to the most obscure.  We deal with a wide range of enquiries including:

Bespoke Requests: Attending a festival has become more and more complex. With the influx of new and more exciting festivals springing up all over the world, it becomes more difficult to work out which events are best to attend.  With that in mind, you want to make sure you have things the way you want them.  Whatever the request, let us know your requirements and we will try our hardest to add them to our packages to bespoke things for you.

Dedicated Fest-Reps: For some festivals we have local reps who are festival pros, and on hand as your point-of-contact throughout the process, so you are in safe hands and get the most out of your trip.

Group Promotions:  We are aware festivals are expensive, so regardless which festivals you are attending, if you are a larger group, we’ll do all we can to ensure we make things as affordable as possible, so you don’t end up bankrupting yourself before you get back home.

Waiting lists

Our waiting list service will be launching soon, please check back here later in the year for more information.


Our primary aim is to support you through the process, from helping you discover new and exciting events, right through to getting you home.  It’s no surprise then, that we will support you through our festival packages which include a network of travel routes to ensure you get to your chosen festival with ease, and at an affordable price.   Our routes are designed to ensure you have a pickup and drop off hub near you, and a selection to choose from when booking.  Most of our trips have a dedicated rep to ensure you get to and from your festival with ease, and all the fun which goes with the pre-festival experience, including meeting new friends for life on-board our buses.


Buying packages

Payment methods

We accept various payment methods, please visit our online store for our up to date methods of payment. If you require any further information regarding payments, or have any questions, please contact a member of our Support Team who will be happy to help.

Instalments & deposits

Unfortunately, Fest Intentions is not able to facilitate customers paying deposits prior to booking.  To secure your booking, we require full payment at the time of purchase.  If you are a large group of eight or more, then we may be able to hold your booking with a deposit, contact a member of our Support Team regarding this before you purchase.

Group bookings

Want to make a booking for a large group? We can save you money on group bookings, simply contact a member of our Support Team who are available to help you create your perfect package.

Booking for friends

If you are booking for friends, when you are in our online store, at the time of purchase you will be given the opportunity to provide the traveller names. We’ll send all information to the user email you provide. If you are buying as a gift, make sure you use your own email address, so we don’t ruin the surprise! In the event we need to post tickets out to you, you will be given the opportunity to provide a delivery address, which is always separate to the billing address.


Viewing orders and documents

No confirmation emails?

Order confirmation emails can take up to 30 minutes to arrive. Order confirmations will be sent to the email address you used to order with.  If you logged in with Facebook, it is the email linked to your Facebook account. Make sure is in your address book so emails from us do not go to your spam folder.   If you have not received an order confirmation email after 30 minutes, and you have checked your spam folder, please contact us telling us the email address the confirmation email is meant to have gone to. We will be able to find your order and resend your confirmation email.   If it turns out you spelt your email incorrectly, we’ll be able to change your email address so that you can access your order page. We’ll have to carry out some security checks to make sure it is you, before we change your email. These requests must be completed via our support ticket system, so we have a written record.


Changing customer details

I made a mistake on some of my traveller details

If you realise that you have made some minor errors when entering traveller details, don’t worry, things like small spelling mistakes will not cause you problems, so it’s not necessary to change them.   If you need to change any of the traveller details, there is an administration fee per traveller changed of £10 – £30, depending on the festival.  Submit a support ticket to us with your order number and the details you would like to change. We will then send you a link to pay the change fee. We can only amend traveller details after the fee has been paid.

I need to change travellers on my order

We are sometimes able to change travellers on your order, depending on the rules of the festival you chose; to find out if we can, submit a support ticket. Don’t forget to mention your order number and which names you would like to change.   If we can change a name, there will be administration fee of £10 – £30 per person, depending on the festival. We will send you a link to pay the change fee. The name change can be changed as soon as the fee has been processed.

My postal address has changed

If you change address and you ordered postal tickets, you need to tell us, so we can post to your new address. You do not need to tell us if you have not ordered postal tickets, as we will not dispatch anything to the billing address listed on your order.   We can normally change your postal address up to 6 weeks before the festival. Address changes are free of charge if your new address is in the same postal region. You may need to pay extra postal fees if your new address is in a different postal region. If you do not tell us about your address change and we send tickets to your old address; it is then your responsibility to retrieve your tickets.   To change your postal address, submit an additional support ticket with your order number, old address, and new address. Our customer service team will then help you.

Adding to my order

If the extra nights you want to book are available to purchase on the Fest Intentions site, we’ll be able to amend your booking easily. Send us a support ticket with your order number, and the dates you want to book. We’ll send you back a link to make the purchase. We can’t guarantee availability, so book promptly to avoid disappointment.   If your request doesn’t have the availability, and are not available to purchase on the Fest Intentions site, we will always still try to help you. Simply submit a support ticket with your order number and the extra nights you want to book. We will contact our suppliers direct to request the amendments. After we get confirmation of the price and availability, we’ll send you back a link to purchase the extra nights, with a deadline for you to book by. It may take a few days longer for these custom requests.

I want to add extra people

It is normally possible for extra people to book – so long as there is still availability, and nothing has sold out!  If you don’t need to change anything about your existing order, ask your friends to book their own order directly on the Fest Intentions website. If you have any special requests – like for tents to be pitched together, contact us directly and we can add notes to inform the team after you have ordered.   You will need to contact a member of our Support Team if you do need to change something on your existing order. You will need to submit a support ticket, so we can help you. In this case, please send us your order number, and details of how many extra people you want to add.   If you and friends have booked separately, you don’t normally need to link your orders. However, if you want to make a special request, like asking that accommodation is close to each other, or pre-pitched tents are next to each other, submit a support ticket with the order numbers. We will note the special request on both orders.   If you need to add a free child ticket, please submit a support ticket and we’ll arrange that for you.   If you’d like to enquire about adding a free personal assistant / carer ticket to your order, we’ll be able to put you in touch with the correct person who is responsible for this. It is best to ask about these tickets before you make a booking.

Adding accommodation / tickets / transfers / essentials / extras to an order

We sell extra items separately, as well as in packages, so you can add them at a later date. For example, we sell festival essentials and accommodation separately for most festivals.  If you have already booked your tickets, you can login and create a new order for the items you have forgotten or want to include.   Simply have a browse through the Fest Intentions site for the festival you have booked to attend and order the extra items you want.  If you can’t book the additional item by itself, but we do have it for sale through our online store, contact a member of our Support Team or send us a support ticket with your existing order number, and what you’d like to add, and we will do our best to help you out.

Can I add Refund Protection after I have booked?

Unfortunately, you cannot add Refund Protection after you have placed an order. Make sure you remember to add Refund Protection at the time of booking.

Can I book a late checkout at my hotel?

Unfortunately, we cannot pre-book late checkout. Late checkout is often available from hotels on the day. Ask at the reception when you arrive – an extra fee may be payable direct to the hotel.


Amending my order

I want to change my stay dates

If you want to move your check in or check out dates, we will endeavour to sort this for you. Send us a support ticket with your order number and the stay dates you want to change to. We will normally have to check some things before we can confirm if your request is possible.   After we get confirmation that there is availability, we may be able change your order directly. If there is a difference in price, we will send you link to arrange payment for the extra.

I want to change my accommodation or something else in my order

When you want to change your order to another package within the same festival, the new package must be available from the Fest Intentions site.  We will have to run checks to see if it is still viable to make the transfer and cancel your old order.   Submit a support ticket with your existing order number and a link to the package you’d like to change to, then a member of our team will come back to you.  Sometimes this can take a few days.  If your request is possible, we will send you a code to book your new package.

I want to change to a different festival

Unfortunately, we do not currently allow you to transfer your booking from one festival, to a completely different festival.  On occasions, we can make exceptions if you booked the wrong site at a split festival such as V Festival or Reading & Leeds.  You would need to contact us immediately after booking.


Cancelling my order

Refunds and cancellations

Please make sure you will be able to travel to the festival or event before you book. You should also purchase Refund Protection when booking, or make sure you are covered by your own travel insurance, in case something unexpected comes up. Unfortunately, Fest Intentions are not able to offer refunds. Our partners do not allow cancellations after you have booked. It is part of our terms and conditions, that that refunds are not feasible, and we make this clear to fans. Please consult our bookings conditions prior to making a booking, as this will prevent any disappointment when you are purchasing packages.

In some extenuating circumstances, you can receive a refund through Refund Protection (if booked) or through your own travel insurance: If you included Refund Protection with your purchase, you may be entitled to a refund, however this is only possible if you purchased the Refund Protection before your checkout. You will not be able to add Refund Protection to your order after you have completed your booking. For more information on Refund Protection, go to your Fest Intentions account and check in the SOS Centre where more information is given.

If you believe you are entitled to a refund, you must complete the online refund form via the Booking Protect website which can be found by visiting Booking Protect will handle all aspects of your claim. If you are claiming through any travel insurance, and you require written documented proof of a cancellation, please submit a support ticket with your order number and a member of our team will be in contact.

We can only provide letters of cancellation if you get in touch with plenty of time before the event, and return any issued tickets. If you did not purchase Refund Protection or your own travel insurance, and you have someone who wants to go in your place, contact a member of our Support Team who may be able to transfer your package to someone else.

Refund protection

If you have purchased Refund Protection with your purchase, and you believe you are entitled to a refund, please first consult the terms and conditions for more information. You can find more information about Booking Protect by visiting the Booking Protect page on our website, or on your order page within your Fest Intentions account.

Please contact Booking Protect directly if you wish to make a claim, by visiting their website

Booking Protect will deal with all aspects of your claim. Please note: Booking Protect are our refund protection partner. They are a separate company to Fest Intentions, and will only be able to assist customers who have purchased refund protection. They will not be able to answer any questions that you may have related to an event.


Travel Information & Common FAQ’s

Travelling by Car


  • Direct route from your home to the festival site; no unnecessary stops.
  • Flexibility in arrival and departure from home and the festival site.
  • No need to lug around big bags and tents across various methods of travel however you are limited with the amount you can transport and then carry across the field to your campsite.


  • Festival sites can often be tricky to access by road, some journeys can be quite challenging.
  • Traffic out of the site carparks at the end of festivals can be over congested – It could take a while to leave!
  • One member of the group must take the responsibility to remain sober; he/she has the rest of the group’s safety to consider at all times.

Travelling by Train


  • Journeys can be significantly quicker than by road depending on the route.
  • No member of the group needs to worry about the responsibilities of driving.
  • Train lines often connect a number of cities, making meeting and travelling with friends easier.


  • Trains are prone to delay and cancellation, during peak periods, travel can become tricky.
  • Journeys to and from train stations either side of your journey will generally include additional travel which needs to be planned for.
  • Trains will often be the most expensive method of travel, with some tickets costing three times their usual rate at peak / oversubscribed periods.

Travelling by a Fest Intentions Coach / Bus


  • Removes the safeguarding responsibility from everyone in the group.
  • Coaches can often be arranged to pick up locally, ensuring that the journey is convenient as effortless as can be.
  • Coach travel can often be a very economical method of travel, without the concerns of petrol costs and inflated train fares. The more people within a bus or coach the cheaper it becomes for everyone.
  • Travel can be direct to the festival entrance, or better still right to the checking in point (depending on the type of event is it).


  • General traffic may affect the length of the journey and can cause delays at times.
  • One service will usually run from your chosen location; if you miss the coach, it will be challenging to get you on another bus without extra cost.
  • Coach departure time’s will often be dictated in advance. Although this can work in your favour, last minute adjustments can be tricky. Make sure you think carefully before finalising your requested pick up.

Travelling with Fest Intentions (Additional Notes)


  • We are able to arrange for a number of pick up points during the course of the journey, making travelling with friends an easy deal.
  • All the other passengers will almost always be going to the same place as you – making the atmosphere all the more exciting.
  • As a festival focused company, we will ensure that our coaches are picking you up from the most convenient and efficient areas of the festival site, making your journey home a breeze.
  • VIP trips are available for groups of 15 or more making the journey exclusive to you and your mates.


  • If you want to travel on your own, then we are only able to provide coaches to groups with a minimum of 15 people. You can travel in smaller groups and will be placed with other groups going to the same festival, so it’s not really a negative is it?
  • Although we will work hard to put smaller groups together along a particular route to ensure that we can offer services to everybody, on the odd occasion, we are unable to find enough people to fill a bus, the cost for smaller vehicles may be suggested.


The stuff no one tells you


Festivals are now well placed to advise on accessibility of the sites. As music festivals vary greatly, you should check access information before booking. If you need to bring a personal assistant, many festivals have schemes to provide an extra ticket free of charge. Festivals will often have specific information relating to disabled access available direct on their own website. We can advise on who you should contact for our festivals. Submit a support ticket and we’ll get back to you. Festivals normally ask us to put you in direct contact with them to book.

Refund protection

If you have purchased Refund Protection with your purchase, and you believe you are entitled to a refund, please first consult the terms and conditions for more information. You can find more information about Booking Protect on your order page on within your Fest Intentions account. Please contact Booking Protect directly if you wish to make a claim, by visiting Booking Protect will deal with all aspects of your claim. Please note: Booking Protect are our refund protection partner. They are a separate company to Fest Intentions, and will only be able to assist customers who have purchased refund protection. They will not be able to answer any questions that you may have related to an event.


Get Fest Intentions Support

Contacting our team

Our Support Team contact centre is available:


Monday – Friday: 9:00am to 6:00pm (GMT)

Saturday’s: 12:00pm to 4:00pm.

We are closed on Sunday’s.


Telephone: (+44) 0330 088 4181 (option 6)


You can raise a Support Ticket here.

FI Update Centre

Attending your favourite festivals and events can be amazing, but things do have a habit of changing; sometimes last minute.   You can check the latest essential information which may affect your trip, as well as those last-minute changes, and share important info with other music fans through our interactive Update Centre, and Community Forums.

Within our Update Centre, we have the most important and latest essential information posted at the top of the page; this acts as a vital place for music fans to check in to see if there is anything they need to know before travelling.

This information is also posted on our Twitter channel.   Below the posts which our team publish, you will see there is also a Community Forum, where likeminded music fans and fans of Fest Intentions can post their own information which they think will be of interest to other festival attendees.  You must have registered as a customer of Fest Intentions, and posts are moderated to ensure there is no unsuitable or defamatory content posted within the forum.

There will, from time to time, be unsuitable content we may miss, so we ask if you spot anything you think is unsuitable, to contact a member of our Support Team or through our support ticket system, detailing the time and date of the post with the member ID, and a member of our team will make necessary arrangements to remove the unwanted content.

Our Update Centre is there to help us support you, and to ensure you enjoy your event.  You can browse and subscribe to our latest updates, or use the search bar, to double check if there is anything specific to your chosen festival. If you are still unsure, simply get in touch with us.

Company Terms & Conditions

Not satisfied? Take a look at our Customer Service complaints procedure

At Fest Intentions, our primary aim is to ensure all our fans get the very best experience from their chosen festivals and events they book through us, and we strive to deliver the best packages which are excellent value for money. We handpick some of the best elements which we offer you through our packages, and take the hassle out of attending your favourite festivals and events.  It’s like having a best mate guide you through the process.


Occasionally though, things might not always go exactly as planned. If this was due to an experience with Fest Intentions, or any part of your festival package, our Travel Team are here for you, to ensure we do our best to put things right. If you have a concern or query prior to your trip, you are requested to contact a member of our Support Team who will endeavour to resolve your query before you travel.


If you feel you have a complaint, or are unhappy with the service provided by Fest Intentions, or have a problem with a product as part of the package, please contact the Fest Intentions Support Team, who will explain the complaints procedure.  You can also read a copy of our Complaints Procedure here.


Formal complaints which cannot be quickly resolved need to be sent in writing to us, as this process is controlled and needs to have written documented communication between you and us throughout the process, so that we can ensure we are giving the best service, and so that we can ensure we are striving to improve our service to our customers.


If you have special requests, you must inform us before booking, as we need to ensure your request is viable, and so manage your expectations. If you inform us of any special request after the time of booking, we will always try our best to accommodate any reasonable requests, however we cannot guarantee any request will be met.


Many concerns can be resolved on the spot, so if you have a complaint or require assistance during your trip, you have a range of people and resources you can speak to in relation to your query, these include:


Fest Intentions Rep, Event Organiser, Transport Rep, Our SOS Centre, Our Update Centre,


Fest Intentions Team:

Telephone: (+44) 0330 088 4181 (option 6)

Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 6:00pm (GMT)

Saturdays: 12:00pm – 4:00pm



If you find that your concern could not be resolved after your return from your trip, and you are still unsatisfied with the service provided, please contact the Fest Intentions Support Team at, within 28 days of your trip, and a member of our team will contact you.


All complaints must be made in writing. This is to ensure an accurate record of your complaint. Please provide us with as much information and supporting documentation as possible, including your Fest Intentions order reference number, details of whom you spoke to, and what efforts were made by yourself, or the 3rd parties involved. Full details regarding our complaints procedure is available here.


Festival / Event FAQ’s

Do I need to take ID?

You should always take some form of valid photo ID with you. Festivals can request ID both at entry, and when serving alcohol.  It is your own responsibility to ensure you can attend the festival. We cannot offer you a refund if you are denied entry because of invalid ID.

Can I show my e-tickets on my phone?

We always recommend printing your e-ticket if you have the chance. There is always a chance your phone could run out of battery, or if you are unable to locate your e-ticket, or just have poor signal to download it before you arrive, you may be denied entry.   If you are not able to print your ticket, it is likely you will be able to show your tickets on your phone, but please check with the festival directly if want that confirmed. If you plan on showing them on your phone, make sure that you have downloaded the ticket to your phone – as there is very often limited phone reception at large scale events. Just zoom in on the barcode when you arrive and ensure that your screen brightness is not too low.

Can I attend an event that is fully booked?

No, you will not be able to attend any festival or event which is fully booked or sold out, and you won’t be able to purchase tickets or packages once the festival is fully booked, it’s just not feasible.

How do I get notified about my chosen festival?

Once you have chosen to attend an event, you will be emailed over the details about it, and you are likely to receive information in the lead up to the event which will give you further information about the event you are attending, as well as some more general information and useful guides.


Security FAQ’s

What will the security checks involve?

You should always take some form of valid photo ID with you. Festivals can request ID at entry, and there will be security checks which involve checking bags.  At some festivals they may also conduct drug searches to protect the event.

How do I ensure my personal items are kept safe at festivals and events?

Attending festivals and events where there are large groups of people, and events where you may stay over in tents can pose a higher risk for your personal belongings, more so if they are left unattended. We have some handy tips on how you can ensure you keep your personal items safe when you are away from home at festivals and events.


  • Padlocking your tent may seem like an effective way of protecting your valuable items, but it is actually the opposite; it advertises you have something to hide. Padlocking tent zips won’t stop determined criminals from entering your tent, any sharp blade will be able to pierce the tent’s material.
  • Leave items which are valuable at home. If it’s expensive, leave it where it’s safe.
  • Most festivals tend to have locker facilities on-site, so you can lock your valuables away, rather than leaving them in your tent. This will cost you a few pounds, but if your possessions are valuable, this is a small price to pay and less inconvenient than losing them.
  • If you’d still rather stash your items in your tent, think about tucking your valuables in your sleeping bag or in your pillow.
  • You might want to place smaller, flatter items underneath your tent, although there’s no failsafe way of keeping your stuff safe. If in doubt, leave it at home, pop it in a locker, or carry it with you at all times.
  • Be careful when you’re in a large crowd. If you’re facing the stage, enjoying the show, your back pockets, and anything in them, are left exposed to the audience behind you. This makes it easy for pickpockets to nab your wallet, phone, cash or anything valuable, and it is harder to realise this when people are dancing and pushing into one another, so try and move all valuables to your front pockets instead. Failing that, put your dignity behind you and invest in a bumbag?
  • If you’ve got a new phone, make sure it’s properly insured, and make sure it’s got a protective case. Avoid throwing it about and showing off; if you think you’ll impress people, all you are likely to do is impress any nearby opportunists.
  • If you’ve had a heavy night, pop your wallet and phone in your sleeping bag before you go to bed. That way, even if you’re dead to the world, a thief will have a tough time getting to your valuables.
  • It’s not easy but try not to shout and scream about how drunk you are; thieves love an easy target, and if they see you are drunk, you might be prime suspect number one.
  • If you spot someone suspicious going from tent to tent, stop and ask them if they’re OK, a genuine person will gratefully accept your offer of help. Report anyone dodgy to on-site staff; never attempt to challenge them yourself.
  • Don’t take huge wads of cash with you. Lots of on-site shops take cards; plus, you shouldn’t need to spend more than £20 a day, especially if you’ve brought your own booze.


Attendance FAQ’s

Are festivals accessible for people with limited mobility?

You will find that lots of festivals do accommodate for people with limited mobility, and this is thought through as part of the overall planning of their event year on year.  However, as in everyday life, there are some festivals where accessibility can be tougher, and it is always advisable to check the website of the festival you want to attend to see what provisions they have put in place for limited mobility users.

What happens if I arrive late to an event?

If you choose to attend an event, making your own way to the festival, and you find yourself in a position where you are late, it is down to the individual security teams on the door of that event as to whether they are prepared to allow you admission to the event.   Booking your travel package through Fest Intentions will ensure that you reach your chosen festival or event on time and without any concerns as to whether you are going to be refused admission due to lateness.  Should there be any issues with arriving late to an event where you are travelling with us, we will keep you informed as to what the process is and everything we are doing to minimise any issues in attending the event.


Order FAQ’s

Do you run a waiting-list for fully booked events?

At present Fest Intentions does not run a waiting-list for any of the events listed on our site, however this is something which will be changing, so please keep coming back periodically to check, and sign up to our updates so that we can email you once we have this service in place. You are also advised to follow us on social media so that you benefit from all our regular news and event updates.

What happens if I place my order and then find I cannot go or change my mind?

Unfortunately, Fest Intentions is not able to offer refunds.  Our partners do not allow cancellations after you have booked.  It is part of our terms and conditions, that that refunds are not feasible, and we make this clear to fans.  Please consult our bookings conditions prior to making a booking, as this will prevent any disappointment when you are purchasing packages.   If you feel there is an exceptional circumstance which has led to your not being able to attend the festival or event, then please contact a member of our Support Team.  Tickets can sometimes be amended for a small fee of £10-£30 depending on the festival, but our team are on-hand to advise further should that situation arise.


Travel FAQ’s

How do I get to my chosen festival?

This largely depends on where your festival is located, as events with already decent public transport routes are generally the easiest to get to and are unlikely to cost the earth.  It all comes down to what is important to you and how do you want to travel to your festival?  Do you want to navigate public transport, or go more privately with your mates?  Festivals in London are easier to get to via public transport, but even then, there can be issues and challenges.   It is always advisable to check and plan before the festival or event you are attending, to check what travel options you have.  Regardless of the type of festival it is always advisable never to drive as this is likely to be more expensive to park your vehicle on site, and you run the risk of leaving yourself open to being over the limit or just tired on your return trip home, and this is never a good thing.   Some public transport for events in larger built up areas can be booked in advance, but you need to ensure all your group can get the right trains and transport at the right times, so you are not split up or arrive late.   Our travel packages were built with exactly you in mind, to minimise the stress and chances for things to go wrong.  Apart from anything else, when you book a travel package with us, you are onboard with a load of other likeminded music fans, some of whom are likely to become mates for life, and if there is only a few of your going, it means you’ll have already met people you can hang out with before you have even arrived at the gates!  When you travel with us, you do take out the hassle of arranging the transport as that is all done for you, and you are guaranteed to arrive home safely at the end of the event.

Where is my nearest pickup hub?

When you book you will be given a list of choices for all our current pickup and drop off hubs as we like to call them.  These are pre-designated locations near to you where you can get picked up from before the event and dropped off to after.   We are constantly revising and adding hubs to our system, so if you feel there is a location we should be adding, or if you find yourself in a position where you want to change your chosen hub location, please contact a member of our Support Team who will be able to assist you further.


Accommodation FAQ’s

Can I pick what kind of accommodation I want?

When booking your accommodation, the choices will be shown to you through the booking process.  For festivals who have on-site camping the different options will be provided to you.  For events where there is no on-site camping, and you require a hotel, you will be able to request what size room you wish to purchase.

Do I get a discount if I book accommodation for a larger group?

We advise people who are looking to purchase packages for larger groups, to contact a member of our Support Team directly, that way we can make sure you are getting the best value when booking your package.  This can, from time to time, include a discount if you are booking for more than 12 people.


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